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100% Complete and Balanced Raw Cat Food*

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Food Perfectly suited for your Indoor Cat

Make natural raw cat food infused with your love using Wild Kitty Cat Food Kits

Naturally Low Odor
for Indoor Cats

for FREE

       Free Kit for 1 lb. Homemade Cat Food
Homemade Cat Food Kit

A Raw Diet is Veterinarian Recommended
for Cats of All Ages ... Kittens through Seniors!


Wild Kitty Cat Food Raw or Cooked Cat Food Kits enable you to provide the best nutrition available to your cat. When prepared according to directions, the resulting cooked or raw cat food is 100% Complete and Balanced: Wild Kitty Cat Food for cats exceeds the nutrient levels established by AAFCO (Association of American Feed Control Officials, Inc.). We think HOMEMADE cat food made with Wild Kitty Cat Food's kits is the best cat food available and our customers agree!

We also offer homemade cat food kits which may be used with your choice of boneless or bone-in meat. Make raw or cooked cat food safely in your home. Click here to read more about our three, innovative easy-to-use cat food kits...

Wild Kitty Cat Food is your solution for the urban or indoor cat. It's wholesome poultry, fish, meat and vegetable ingredients appeal to your cat's natural instincts. Wild Kitty Cat Food offers an added benefit to the owner of an indoor cat ... very little smell in the cat box.

Explore our web site and you'll discover the health benefits of the wholesome Wild Kitty Cat Food ingredients, including natural Taurine. Our site includes customer testimonials, feeding guidelines and more. We've also included a Site Index and Search function with which you may search our site. Throughout the site, click on the Kitty in the page header to return to this page.

*Our kits plus choice of raw meat enable you to feed your cat(s) nutritionally balanced, complete raw food!

Tested and Approved by a Leading Veterinary University!

Also recommended by our customers ... to read some unsolicited testimonials click here.

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Wild Kitty Raw All Natural Cat Food is a traditional cat food alternative ... a raw food diet for cats. It is a raw natural cat food which may be the
best cat food for your kitty (kitten, adult, senior). Food prepared with Wild Kitty Cat Food kits is a healthy cat food.which is based upon the natural feeding insticts of felines.
review our nutritional analyses and compare to Science Diet presription cat food or Hills prescription diet cat food. Wild Kitty Cat Food
is the first raw cat diet to have successfully passed life-stages feeding trials. Our homemade raw or cooked cat food kits enable you to safely
make cat food in your home which meets the nutriational dietary needs of your cat. We do not recommend feeding
Wild Kitty RAW All Natural Cat Food to your dog as they have other nutritional needs. For more information visit our FAQs page.

Wild Kitty Raw Meat Cat Food offers twice the nutrition of other commercial preparations. It is a premium raw meat diet for felines.


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